Tuesday, June 23, 2015


So, on Friday... I went to my local farm market.... and was able to get a couple gorgeous baguettes, some salad greens, some Swiss chard, and a breakfast/ dessert type of bread with raisin and nuts in it.
(on an aside; Netra Baker of Card Creek makes the best bread... no exaggeration).

Sometimes it's just too hot and muggy; and you don't want to fuss with a big meal.
Bruschetta is a great option. Just pair it with your favorite beverage (I love this with a chilled Riesling wine) and perhaps a small salad or fruit... and you're good to go.
Bruschetta is a "starter dish" from Italy, that is essentially slices of toasted or grilled bread brushed with olive oil, garlic and salt.
It can then be topped with just about anything you can imagine or want.

What did I do? I used the scrumptious baguettes, thickly sliced on a diagonal. I brushed them with olive oil and added a little fresh chopped garlic... and because I don't have a toaster or a grill... I put them on a pie plate (or cookie sheet for a larger quantity) and put them in the broiler for a couple minutes to toast them.  Once toasted, it was time for some fun.

On the plate, you will see:
-fresh salad greens and Swiss chard, topped with cherry tomatoes from my  mom's patio, shredded mozzarella cheese and capers.
-leftover chicken; shredded and topped with cheese.
-fresh peppers! in red and yellow, topped again with the cheese and capers.

I popped them all back into the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese... and then I added coarse sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to the whole plate (along with some fresh strawberries) before serving.

Approx cost? Baguettes were about $3 each, and the salad greens and bags of chard were only $2.50 for generous sized bags. Shredded cheese is about $3.50 a bag, the strawberries were $1.67, peppers were $1.80, and a bottle of capers cost $2.99. Obviously, we didn't use up all of the peppers, cheese or capers... and they are ready for the next adventure in cooking.

The beauty of this, is that it is a great opportunity to use up small bits of produce, leftovers... things you may already have.
It is perfect for small gatherings... with folks being able to "make their own" in whatever combinations they choose. Personally, I think the capers are what makes them >>zing<< , but Jim doesn't like them, so his did not include them.
Kristin; being vegan... opted to not have cheese or meat on hers.
There are hundreds of recipes out there.... but it's really not rocket science. Just put on what you like.
See you all tomorrow ( and another "foodie" post on Mondays).