Monday, June 29, 2015


Remember those awesome cobblers from when we were kids?
Well, after spying some incredible rhubarb this past Friday at the farm  market... I decided to try to make one.
.... well, it actually took me 2 tries... and I will explain.

First, I was able to get 4 big bunches of rhubarb (*buy one, get one) at my local farmer's market... but for a pie-plate sized cobbler, you only really need about 5-6 stalks of rhubarb. After chopping, I added fresh strawberries (about half of one container) and about 1 cup of currents I had from last fall in my freezer. I put them all in the pie plate... to make sure I had enough "filling."

I then mixed in a generous tablespoon of coconut oil; which I had melted.
Why? Because my daughter prefers to have very little sweetening added to her foods... but I still wanted to be able to eat this without twisting up my face from potential sourness. I figured the coconut oil would add a little sweet... and a little fat (in lieu of butter) to the mix.
Feel free, however, to add sweetness/ sugar to taste.

I ground up (in my coffee grinder) some fresh/ dried mint from last year's garden and some cinnamon... and added that to the fruit.
Now... here's where it took 2 tries.
My cookbook said I could make the cobbler without cooking the rhubarb/ fruit mixture first.
And while that may work for some... I highly recommend cooking your fruit mixture in a pot on the stove-top for a few minutes first.
My first attempt was ok.... but not near as creamy as I had hoped... which is why I tried again and cooked the fruit mixture first.
Cook until the fruit mixture is a chunky applesauce consistency; then add to your pie plate.

Now for the biscuits. You can make the dough from scratch... but I used Bisquick.
Bisquick is surprisingly vegan! I added soy milk instead of regular cow milk (and no butter) to my Bisquick flour to make the biscuits, and; using an ice cream scoop.... scooped biscuits onto the top of my fruit mix.

I baked this all in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes (or until golden brown).

So... this is completely vegan. 
(but this would be good with ice cream, if you are so inclined)

Cost: the rhubarb was $4 for 2 bunches, which means I actually only used a dollar's worth in here.
I added the strawberries for less than $2, and the currents were in my freezer. The spices, coconut oil, & the soy milk I already had as well.
The Bisquick was on sale for $4 a box, and I only used 2 cups of the flour from that box.