Wednesday, June 3, 2015


3 years ago, I went on a day trip with a (former) friend to Taos.
We visited a wonderful ranch (Rancho la Fina) where the owner there; Patricia Quintana,
was raising heritage Churro sheep (she also had some incredible goats and a character of a lama named Santos).

So very much has changed since then.
I find these past few days, that I have been very melancholy.
I wonder about friendships lost... where people go... what happens when things end.
What causes these holes in the heart... and how to mend things that time seems to not be able to forget...

I read once, that we own our stories.
The good, the bad... and the ugly.
People often behave badly... and we still tend to only remember the good.
Human nature I suppose... but also a "womanly" trait, I think.
We want to fix things. Make them ok. Heal. Find closure... even if it's not an ideal ending.
But what happens when you can't fix things or when the conversations never happen?
Or worse, when things end on an angry or sad note? and the parties involved have no contact with each other any more?

On a certain level... I think we all have to resolve things within ourselves.
We are messy beings... and it's hard to acknowledge that.
And being vulnerable... is really a great act of courage.
We make mistakes... we grow.... we learn...
and hopefully... we are gentle with each other along the way.
Or maybe more importantly, we are gentle with ourselves.... even when others are not.

Last night was the full moon.
Full moons, in some traditions, represent purging.... releasing... the ending of cycles and letting go.
The light of the moon sheds illumination on things in our life that need to come into focus...
and so .... we must see things as they are... and allow them to be released.
And so it is.
And so it goes.

See you all tomorrow.

...all the photos for today's post, are ones I took on that trip to Taos; but edited today.