Saturday, June 20, 2015

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
... and there is a lot going on in the area; such as the Relay for Life and Genesee Community Days.
The photo above, is a little bouquet gifted to me from my niece's daughter, and it is quite lovely.
It's been a strange day... and I feel like I am almost moving at a negative speed.... so I will leave you with happy thoughts
... and a bunch of links:

*easy to use roasted garlic
*white clover pudding? (I've never heard of it)
*a great site for "foodies"
*kintsugi (the art of mending broken pieces)
*places to visit in Oregon
*cuteness overload
*hikes in PA
*100 artists in their studios (photographs)
*so many great ideas here... and here ... and here (yayABQ!)
*modern day witches (photography)
*Lakota wisdom

and some links to blogs on my reading list:
-found, stitched and dyed
-Flora Bowley
-Five Years

**starting this coming Monday (and on Mondays thereafter) I will be featuring local organics found at stores, stands and farm markets... and a weekly recipe. I hope you will all join in with me...
Have a great weekend!... rest well, and I'll see you all back here on Monday.