Saturday, June 27, 2015

for the weekend

oy... and vey... (giggle)
The photo for today's post is from that vintage photo album I picked up a few weeks ago.
I've been working on restoring a couple of the photos (like this one I did previously), and it is tons of fun.
The look on these 2 little kids is priceless, and still in keeping with something you would see today.
Some things don't change.

And yes, it's the weekend... so I've gathered some (hopefully) interesting links for you all to look at:
*if only I had a diner, this is what I would do...
*also in my dream diner.... this.
*isn't vocabulary fun?
*a cool summer project
*a friend of a friend took the photos for this... and they are amazing
*isn't nature awesome
*I love this designer's clothing
*here is a great resource for creatives
*a neat video from the Harvard Museum of Natural History
*another cool DIY helpful post
*are you traveling this summer? Here are some stellar stops.
*the 100 mile yard sale... here in PA
*and some fabulous vintage photographs to round this all out.

--- I hope you all have a great weekend; and I will see you back here on Monday for a "foodie" post.