Thursday, July 16, 2015


I came across a patch of mushrooms in the woods the other day. It was amazing really.
When we first moved here; there was a lot of random debris and trash in and around the woods near our house.
Slowly, but surely... the daughter has been clearing up sections... and nature has been rewarding her with things like this...
patches of mushrooms where there weren't any before. Little banks full of ferns where (previously) it had been filled in with choking vines, tires, and remnants of what looked like an old deck. Critters singing and letting us know they are happy.

I was reminded of this while reading some online "news" blurbs... and the news wasn't exactly good in my mind. And I got to thinking about how we all would like things to be better, but that each of us have an idea of what that "better" would look like. And we fear change... and we fear disapproval or backlash from others... and we tend to do nothing. In reality, doing nothing... (or even feeling like you can do nothing )... is sort of a decision to let the other guys win. It's giving up... and letting go of things before you even start.
And you can't always do that. Not when it's important.
Not when it could mean positive change.
I am but one person... and I am not an important person.
But sometimes there are things we can do.... even if they are small things... that make a big difference.
Sometimes you have to step in and pick up the crap and create something majikal.

What is important to you... and what can you do to make a positive change?
See you all tomorrow...

((the photo for today's post is a photo of the mushrooms near our house. 
Obviously, I've altered it and played with it a lot... it's fun to do sometimes))