Friday, July 17, 2015


I try to be optimistic... but some days are harder than others.
Today I am going to be really busy. Lots of errands with my mom, a long test and possible follow-up appointment... and I hope to get to the farm market and do a couple things myself.... so it looks to be "jam packed"... today. And while there are aspects of this that I do enjoy... there are others that sort of stress me out. Combine that with frustrations about things I read online; and hear are going on... and sometimes I just want to retreat to the woods and not come back out for a good long bit.

I am sure we've all been there.
And if today is that kind of day for you too... I would encourage you to take a few minutes out...
Don't wait for a moment of rest to come... because sometimes it won't.
Carve out a few minutes.
Make some tea. Listen to the birds.
Watch the flow of water in a stream for a minute.
Feel the wind. Try to let it all go.

See you all tomorrow...