Thursday, July 2, 2015


some days are harder than others.
Political and religious viewpoints aside... it can be difficult to sometimes keep quiet.
((And yes, I am a natural redhead.))

The internet doesn't always help.
It's far too easy to see what everyone is thinking... everyone is posting...
and often times we are privy to things that in years gone by, folks wouldn't dare say in polite conversation.
The internet sometimes gives us a false sense of anonymity... and soon... the whole world knows our business, or mistakes,
our "less than complimentary" ramblings... and more.

But here's the thing...when all is said and done... what matters most... is love.
So here's to love.
Share it. Fight for it. Show it to everyone you know.
Be gracious about it.
Spread it around... even with those you may not want to... they may need it the most.

---see you all tomorrow.