Monday, July 27, 2015


The selections at this past Friday's Potter County Farmer's Market were amazing.
And I must confess, I got probably more than we needed too... but it was all so delicious.

Today's "foodie" post is brought to you by my daughter.
I've been sick; and so she was gracious enough to put together a meal for us; that incorporated fresh elements from the farm market.

So what did she make? She made a dish that I have made many, many times over the years...
but added her own unique twist to it.
For her squash dish, she first made a big batch of basmati rice. We have a rice cooker, and most every single day, we make rice.
She made it plain this time (with no added spices) because she added spice to the dish later on.

Then she chopped up fresh summer (crookneck) squash and green zucchini squash and placed them in a saute pan with a little water, and slowly cooked them. She added fresh chopped onions (including some of the green tops). You could certainly add a little olive oil, and some garlic; but she chose not to this time. She then added some dehydrated mushrooms (we got a bag of these when we went to State College last time, and had stopped at an Asian Market)... that she had soaked overnight in a small bowl of water to re-hydrate them. After they were all nicely cooked a bit; she added a can of black eyed peas that she had rinsed well in a colander. She added salt and fresh ground black pepper, and a spiced/ herb vinegar she keeps in the fridge (which is her twist). The vinegar is a white vinegar that she added marjoram, dill, and rosemary to, and keeps on hand as a splash of tart flavor to add to her food. She also added Kikkoman soy sauce to hers, which is why I included it in the photos... but that is completely optional.

Mix it all together with the rice, and you have an easy, breezy, summer squash dish.
It is completely vegan... but you could also top it with some shredded cheese.
It would also pair nicely with a fresh fish from the grill.