Thursday, July 30, 2015


We live in a pretty amazing place; at a pretty amazing time in history.
I think (for me at least) it can sometimes be overwhelming; and I occasionally lose faith in humanity... But there are times when it is good.
It's good to be reminded then... that even doing a tiny bit...
if lots of folks do a tiny bit... can add up to a lot of really good bits.
And that is how changes are made.

Last night was another "Music on the Square" event at our local courthouse square (sponsored by our local Rotary Club).
It wasn't an overwhelming crowd, but the ones that were there were enthusiastic...
and as I got home I could hear the final refrains of "God Bless America" as performed by the Twin Tiers Community Band (directed by Diane Smith)... and my mom singing that really high note at the end... (yes, even from this distance, her voice carries... or at least I can hear it).
Small town America, yes... but there is something to be said, and treasured.... about these wonderful little bits.