Saturday, July 4, 2015

for the weekend

so... the other night, mama deer brought her baby down to see us.
We've watched "mama" since moving here a year and a half ago. First with her mate (a huge 8 point buck that we have not seen for about a year.... but he may be around, we may just not be seeing him)... and then when she was with another female (who had a leg injury right before winter... and is no longer around). Then when she was pregnant, and now... with her young baby. It's hard when you see wildlife like this, you worry about their safety and such... but we are so blessed to see them... especially with the young ones.

But I digress.
I hope you are all enjoying the weekend... and times with family and friends.
I've got a couple links to share with you all.... and I will see you all back here on Monday for my "foodie" post.

*stargazing in PA
*some amazing university gardens and arboretums 
*one awesome woman
*green chile cheeseburger
*some quaint covered bridges
*these guys can sing!
*1844 photographs of Jerusalem
*about white tailed deer
*just for giggles
*history in the making
*some new music I just discovered
*funny... yet true.
*some great travel photos

and a couple "4th of July" type links:
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