Saturday, July 25, 2015

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
And tons! of things are going on... and I am hoping to not do much of anything but concentrate on getting better.
In light of this, I am trying to just "chill" and drink tea.... and watch movies... so today is sort of an abbreviated post.
Carry on! ... Hope all is well with you... and I will see you back here on Monday for my "foodie" post.

But in the meantime; here are some links I've gathered to share with you all:
*I know this girl
*artist Kimberly Heil
*artist Steve Spazuk and here.... and here
*this is awesome
*artist Chloe Giordano
*turmeric and cancer... an interesting link
*who knew?!
*changes in the farm world
*for the love of redheads
*who wouldn't want to live here
*Chuck Jones, and how he mastered his craft
*free fonts for the graphic designer in you
*be an agent of positive change