Monday, August 10, 2015


Sometimes, there are so very many wonderful items at the Potter County Farmer's Market...
that I have a hard time deciding on what to feature for Monday's "foodie" posts.
Such was the case this past Friday... as there was a bounty of salad greens, blackberries, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, breads, jams and honey... and several varieties of squash to choose from.
(along with all the wonderful handmade items such as pottery, knitware, wooden toys, alpaca yarn and more).

The photo above, shows a "mandala" of fresh fruits and veggies from Friday's market.
((swiss chard, beans, cucumbers, fingerling potatoes, plums, squash and blackberries))
I love mandalas, and thought it made a really pretty design... but I digress.
Today's feature is on some really interesting beans I was able to get... from the Metzger Heritage Farm.

What I purchased, were Romano bush beans. They are a long, wide, flat-podded Italian style green bean that is bright green in color.
Mine were huge! ... most were about 9 inches long.
Here is a video I found on them. They are apparently excellent in minestrone to polenta, or simply sauteed in butter... and are often used wherever regular green beans are used.
I found this article online... and this one... but I decided to grill them instead.

I trimmed the ends of the beans (although not necessary) and put them in a shallow dish with garlic and olive oil. I got them all "greased" up and let them rest overnight in the fridge with the garlic and coarse sea salt, thyme, marjoram, and a little black pepper.

Then today... I simply put them on the pre-warmed grill.
Each side got about 5 minutes on medium heat... so they were nicely cooked and with a few grill marks.
Tender and juicy... they were the perfect addition to our easy summer meal.

...See you all tomorrow!