Monday, August 24, 2015


You never know what is going to happen... and that is probably a very good thing.
Instinct and intuition can guide you (if you let it)... but all things considered... you just never know.
So when I logged off of the computer on Thursday with the intention of resting... little did I know I would be going to a meeting on Thursday evening... that would get me so upset that I threw up for 24hrs... and then that I would get some sort of stomach bug that would cause further distress all weekend.

I suppose, one would take in the lesson that you should never take time off... but that is ridiculous.
The bottom line, is that I did have a small window of feeling slightly better on Friday when I went to the Farmer's Market...
so I did purchase lots of fresh & local goodness to do a "foodie" post for today.
The crux is... that I didn't feel well enough to make something special, photograph it, edit it, and about it.
I will try to do that today... and do my "foodie" post tomorrow.

For today... I went back through my photos from previous years... to some photos I have never edited or put here on the blog.
This is from our move to PA back in 2013... and going through Conway, Texas.
It was definitely another time, when I had no idea what was going to happen...

Much love to you all... and will see you tomorrow.