Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This week's foodie post; is all about Scallop Squash.
These are a cute, interesting squash that sort of resembles a flying saucer. 
Scallop Squash is an ancient heirloom squash, grown by North American Indian tribes for hundreds of years. 
It's been seen as far back as 1591, but has noted a popular resurgence lately.
These are a variety of summer squash (also called Patty Pan or Pattypan Squash and sometimes Sunburst Squash); 
and essentially you treat it like a less-moist-inside zucchini.

So. For today... I made a "Stuffed Scallop Squash." I used the "ghost" variety... (white) of these squash; which I picked up at my local farmer's market on Friday. My daughter cut off the tops, and scooped out a bit of the flesh and seeds.
I then started chopping up ingredients (also mostly from the Farmer's Market) that I had on hand.
I chopped up a large Zucchini, a large red heirloom tomato, 3 small purple onions, 1 sweet green pepper, and 1 (smaller) spicy hot pepper (minus the seeds). I also added a tablespoon of chopped garlic, and some leftover sweet corn that I had cooked the other night and chopped off the cob.
I stirred this mixture in a large bowl and scooped as much as I could into each squash, then sprinkled coarse sea salt and some freshly ground black pepper on top.

Initially, I intended to put this in the oven on broil... which I did for a couple minutes... 
until I realized it was way too hot and things might not cook well enough.
So I added a little water to the dish (not in the squash) and reduced the heat to 350 degrees.
I cooked it all for about 30 minutes.
(and I would recommend avoiding the broiler altogether, as it charred the top bits a bit too much for my liking)

It was really, really good.
This dish is completely vegan, but would also be good with a little butter or shredded cheese on top.

*tomorrow I will have another "foodie" post... 
as I made a back-up alternate dish with essentially the same ingredients... that turned out well.
See you all tomorrow.