Friday, August 28, 2015


Today is a busy, busy day... and I've lots to do...
not the least of which is a quick trip to my local library... and a stop at the local farmer's market.
I feel, in many ways... that sometimes this merry-go-round of life is spinning just a little too fast for my liking... and yet... it's completely scary to jump off... so you cling to it... and ponder whether to wait it out til it slows down... or to take a leap.
I was reading that (astrologically) it is a time of stopping and really thinking on whether you are still on your path... that now is the time to make sure you are still heading towards your goals... or if you need to change gears and change directions. And... in a lot of ways, that completely fits me right now.
And so... I am going to concentrate this weekend on just that.
Onward and upward folks!
See you all tomorrow.