Saturday, August 1, 2015

for the weekend

So this weekend, there are a ton of things going on locally...the Potter County Fair...  Upper Seven Bridges Bash...
The Woodsmen's Show.... the Frosty Hollow Herb Fair... and so much more.
The daughter and I spent the day selling our handmade stuff at the Herb Fair... and had an awesome time.
And now that we are home... and spent... and I am late on my post for the weekend...
I will simply wish you all much love and share a few links...

*12 little known laws of Karma
*this photographer has been a big influence on my work lately; and one of the things he is doing right now some work in Africa with this group.
*this looks like an awesome little town (and here in PA)
*... and more quaint places in PA here
*this looks cool
*interesting study on watermelon
*... and speaking of watermelon
*ah Seattle! News and reviews of their Art Fair
*this is interesting
*and then I found this about Van Gogh's art

So... a great (rest of your) weekend!  and I'll see you all back here on Monday for my "foodie" post.

((the photo for today's post is one I took this afternoon at the Herb Fair))