Saturday, August 29, 2015

for the weekend

My "happy place" will always be near the ocean... the sea... the water... the coast. it a rocky shoreline or a sandy beach... the water is what is key for me.
The photos for today's post are from Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadaro, California.
I went there a few years ago ((although I just edited these photos a couple nights ago)... with the intention of helping out a friend
(which I did)... but my "take-away" from it... really... was to see that glorious west-coast ocean view.
I miss the ocean... and I must get back there someday... hopefully, soon.

But hey... it's the weekend... and we're here PA... and there are lots going on this weekend.
From small festivals.... to just enjoying what may be some of the last vestiges of summer here...
who knows... but I hope you are all having some fun in the sun.

And here are some links I've gathered this week to share with you:
*It was National Dog Day this past week
* this past week... being off the computer a bit more, I read 6 books! and watched 8 movies. Go figure! This was one of the movies (which was a sad story... but really interesting) ... and this was one of the books (which was ---while disturbing --- really, really well written)
*an interesting take on the whole minimum wage debate
*wow. This looks awesome.
*this lady ran through our town this week.... here is her story.
*a different view on autism.... a long, but interesting read.
*I just discovered that these might be some of the birds I have up here on the hill flying about
*holy crap. These are REAL!  --DEA badges from the 70s-90s
*a super awesome herb that is probably in your yard (it's all over mine)
*there is nothing quite as wonderful as a fresh garden tomato sandwich on a summer day

*and some sites on my reading list:
-Amanda Louise Spayd
-Andrea Joseph
-Noel Badges
-Flowerz in my Brain
-Bohemian Hellhole

I hope you all have a great weekend... and I will see you all back here on Monday for my "foodie" post
featuring local produce I was able to get at the Farm Market.