Tuesday, September 15, 2015


As you know, the daughter and I showed our artisan works at the Stars in the Arts event at Lyman Run this past Saturday.
There was a lot that went into this show, as it was the first year of it happening... and I think that the Friends of Lyman Run (and in particular my friends Chris Firestone and Maxine Harrison) did a stellar job.
And yes, it rained.
Actually... it was something of a deluge... but no one has control of the weather.
And you know what? It was still awesome.
Kudos to those die-hard vendors who showed up and stuck with it.
Kudos to the folks that came out!!!
and kudos to the music and food folks... who were just amazing.

I love music. There was a time in my life, when I not only played... but sang ... and I have a great appreciation for this particular breed of artist. It takes considerable talent... and an equal (if not more) bucket of tenacity and determination to hone this craft, study, practice, and perform.

One of the music performances was done by a group called Vernal Pool.
They are a trio of artisans who not only sing, but play multiple instruments; that includes Anne and Ciro LoPinto and Bruce Smith.
They were amazing. I particularly enjoyed their version of "You Are My Sunshine" ... which had a blues-like, gritty, down home flavor that was incredible.
Here is a link to one of the songs they did.

Also performing, was Van Wagner.
With 20 titles in his discography, he is no stranger to performing... and we were all blessed to have him come to this event. Storytelling is a lost art... and Van is a master. One of the highlights of his set, was the "first ever" rendering of a song entitled "Sassafras Tea,"  and another song that he finished writing on the way up!!!... which he will be debuting soon.

It was an amazing day... and I am already looking forward to next year's event ...
See you all tomorrow.