Friday, September 18, 2015


ah... the best laid plans... yesterday became full of details and projects that needed taken care of...
and so the studio time never happened. Such is the life of being self employed.
And it's ok. Flexibility is key when you work for yourself.

And ironically (or maybe not so)... I kept seeing crows about.
As a totem animal... crows bespeak of many things... intelligence, being fearless, change...
but also... flexibility!... and guidance into what your next steps should be. (look at more here)
And (of course) while I was reading more about the crow... this came up "crow as a messenger could also be letting you know that perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin. It's time to step back -- to reassess where you are at and to take stock of your own dreams and aspirations. " (see more here). whoa.
So. As soon as I am able to catch up on some projects coming to fruition and close...
I am definitely sensing that this is a time for reevaluation.

But for today... there is a visit to the Farmer's Market... and things on my "To Do" list to take care of.
... and perhaps... a short walk in the quiet and peace of the woods.
See you all tomorrow.