Monday, September 21, 2015


One of the awesome finds at last Friday's Farmer's Market were some tomatillos.
Tomatillos are sort of a green tomato... although; not really. Read here and here.
They also remind me of Chinese Lantern plant... but I thought I was just imagining it... until I saw this.
Anyway... it's an awesome little fruit.

Having lived in New Mexico for many years, tomatillos were everywhere... and are often used as the base in many salsa verde dishes.
They are small, and have an outer layer; sort of like an onion... that needs peeled off. They are then a bit sticky.... so I always rinse them well before chopping them up.

I chopped them and put in a large mixing bowl along with some other finds from the Farm Market... herbs, scallions, a (very) spicy red chile pepper, a large red sweet pepper, a huge heirloom tomato that I chopped up... and a tablespoon of honey. I also added a can of diced tomatoes, some chopped garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Initially, I had not put in the honey... and discovered that the pepper was just a bit too hot for my lips to handle... which is why the honey got added in. (on an aside... if you need some really spicy chile peppers... or some tomatillos... contact the Metzger Heritage Farm... they are awesome).

While we all munched on chips and this fabulous salsa, I decided to make a curry chicken dish
--- which I placed over Basmati rice; and had the tomatillo salsa on the side.
This salsa would be good on burgers, tacos, fish, roasted veggies, rice... so very many possibilities.

Get creative! ... and I'll see you all tomorrow.