Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I have no idea what this plant is... or what it is the remains of... but it's super pretty.
Every now and then I go back through my files for photos that I haven't edited or posted anywhere...
and these are some. I took these right after we moved back to PA in 2013, just as the leaves were beginning to change...
and here we are almost there again. Hard to believe.

This morning I am busy with my mom; who has been having a series of procedures with the goal of lessening some of her chronic pain issues. ... and today is another. I feel as though I have been really busy these past few days... lots to do... lots to work on... I often wonder how people do it... how people are able to get so very much done... it's amazing really.
But for today... I am doing what I can... and then later, I hope to enjoy the sunset from my porch with a glass of wine.

See you all tomorrow.