Saturday, September 5, 2015

for the weekend

It was a Grand Party... and everyone came.
Abraham Lincoln, a studly old Teddy... and a lot of creepy dolls... were just some of the featured guests at today's Townwide Yard Sales. Once a year... we all bring out our crazy, our practical, and the completely weird... and hock it all on the front lawn.

And of course, I took a couple photos... albeit only a couple.
I suppose I could name this one "Opium Den of Disillusionment and Conspicuous Conspiracy"... but that would probably only be telling part of the story. I am convinced the guy in the bottom right corner knows more than he is telling...

Anyway. More than a hundred yard sales... in a relatively small town... and you get the general idea of what today was like. And I am tired. And a little hungry.... and probably dehydrated... but I was able to get some pretty awesome little things... so all is good.
Add to that a dinner with extended family that featured a perfectly cooked turkey, mashed potatoes... fresh sweet corn on the cob and decadent brownies for dessert... yah. It was a good day.

And hey... it's the weekend... and even though I am a little late posting; I have some links to share with you all:
*some interesting advice for your next yard sale ... and another... and another
*tips for after your yard sale... and another (and for locals.... there is Goodwill, the ATTIC at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Christmas House, offer it up on the Potter County Yard Sale site and probably several more places that I can't think of right now).
*so how do you know if you found something awesome? Look it up ... places like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy... and others all have searches where you can see how much your item may be worth. This is cool information... and some folks get really lucky!
*got the thrifting bug? Check out local resale shops, church/ charity shops, antique and 2nd hand stores, estate sales, auctions... even Facebook has pages (like the yard sale page I mentioned) to find things. Some of my best finds I have found on trash day :)
*some great thoughts.... and here.... and another here

~~ and then I wanted to include a couple of blogs from my reading list that sort of pertained to the thrifting lifestyle... but my brain was just too tired. So I've included today:
~Teesha's Circus (Teesha Moore) -- who is a fabulous artist.
~the Bloggings of Mrs. Bertimus -- super fun
~the Craft Cabinet
~Myth and Moor -- which is just lovely
~the Habit of Being -- another truly lovely blog

I hope you all have a great (rest of your) weekend.. and I will see you all back here on Monday for my "foodie" post featuring produce and such from my local farm market.