Sunday, September 13, 2015

for the weekend

Every now and then I just get behind.
I think I am ahead of the game.... I'm striving to be ahead of the game...
and then I realize how far behind I actually am.

This past week, I was doing a couple photo shoots... and getting ready for a show; and I was very busy.
It seemed like I had all this last minute stuff I was doing, and getting calls from folks for other last minute stuff... which is OK... and fun... and awesome... but yah, busy.
Then yesterday was a show... and well, today I am just now getting to my weekend post (now that the weekend is almost done).
It happens.

The Stars in the Arts show yesterday was awesome. Yes, it rained (like, the entire time).
And yes, I discovered that my tent needs replaced. And yes, a few things suffered from the wet and rain.
But. There were awesome artists there (like Mill Creek Floral Designs, Knives by Dean Fry, Stephanie Distler Artisan Jewelry, Curt Weinhold Photography, Terry Surra woodwork, North Run Woodwork, artisan work by Danette Wightman, and Mulchkin/ artwork by Kristin Russell.
And some awesome people who came in spite of the weather... THANK YOU ALL for coming out.
There was incredible food by Mobile Fresca!!!... as well as Kettle Corn by Lou Karija...which is always excellent.
And then there was some amazing musical talent that came and performed.
There was a folk trio called Vernal Pool... and Van Wagner... a great singer songwriter (look here).
Both performances were just spectacular.
I am already looking forward to next year's show.

See you all tomorrow for my weekly "foodie" post featuring something made from food I've gotten at Friday's local farm market.