Thursday, October 1, 2015


I apologize for missing yesterday's post... I am not sure what happened...but it slipped right by me.
I did, however, manage to take a short walk around the yard... which is when I took the photos for today's post. And... I've been trying to list things in my Etsy shop; while trying to get ready for a show on Friday and Saturday... and trying to catch up on a few projects... and still make some scheduled meetings & events... and ... and... I am sure you know how it goes.

I will say, that I think the upcoming Falling Leaves Outdoor Show that is coming up; is going to be pretty stellar... and even though we've had quite a bit of rain... and more potentially coming... I am hopeful for a good couple of days.

Then... I am really looking forward to some "down time" and whatever that entails.
This weekend will be the last of the local Farm Market days as well... so my "foodie" posts on Mondays might change a bit... we'll see.

It's been a huge swell of emotions... last minute things... and lots of rushing about... and it's been an odd week.
Today would be my sister's birthday, and I am thinking of her fondly... and missing her dearly.

Hope all is well with you... and I will see you all tomorrow.