Monday, October 12, 2015


This weekend, there were so very many choices of fun activities to do... and it was very difficult to choose. So. On Saturday, we went to the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum to see my friends Doug and Chris Firestone. Doug is making a replica CCC-era "fire bell" from an antique piece of railroad rail.
Doug is a blacksmith (Firestone Forge), and did quite a bit of research into how these bells were most likely made. The finished piece will be hung adjacent to the CCC Camp building on the Museum property.  Coincidentally, there was also an Antiques and Collectibles show going on... which looked wonderful.

Yesterday, the daughter and I went to Rock City Park, for their Gem and Mineral Show. Last year, I was a vendor their (with my jewelry)... but didn't get things around in time for it this year. If you've never been... it's a wonderful place. The park itself is gorgeous. The rocks featured in the park, are estimated at 320 million years, and are a sort of quartz conglomerate. There are several really interesting formations and a a gorgeous walking trail that winds down in an among huge boulders and narrow passages.

The ride home was interesting... and for my metaphysical friends... read into it what you will (wink). But... suffice it to say, that my phone and the CD player decidedly all quit working in New York State. My camera was acting up as well. We had stopped at a scenic overlook, and nothing was working right. We were traveling slowly, because it was dusk... and the deer were out.... and we ere trying to figure out why things weren't working. Just as we were crossing into PA ... things suddenly started working... and just as suddenly, a pure white dove swooped down and flew (I think intentionally) right up to the front window of the Jeep... then disappeared. And I mean, vanished. Not under the car, not off the side of the car... just gone. So we really slowed down... and in about 2 minutes... came across a massive car wreck. At least 2 cars were involved (and mostly crushed), and a couple more were off the side of the road. Lots of people around. Ambulance and fire crew were just arriving on site. Had we been going faster, and not been putzing around because of the Dove and the Cd player... we assuredly would have been involved in the wreck.

Stay safe my friends!... and I hope you have a great day off today.... and I will see you all tomorrow.