Thursday, October 15, 2015


You never know where inspiration will come from... or in what incarnation it will form.
And it seems as though... the really marked "turning points"... those life-altering moments in life... always seem to sneak up on us.
You just never know... and you can't really prepare for it... or can you? Such is the question I've been pondering this week.

Lately I've been working on this massive "to-do" list that I have been carrying around for weeks/ months/ a lifetime... or so it seems.
I just never seem to get caught up... or whatever that really means.
There are things I want to do.... things I've intended/ promised to do... things I would love to try... things I feel like I shoulda/oughta do... you get the idea. But slowly, these past couple of weeks... I've been crossing things off.
Part of the problem, is that I can't say no... but most of the problem is that I genuinely want to help people when I can...
I just don't always have the energy or time to do all the things I wish I could.
It's been a major source of frustration for me; and I tend to feel very guilty for what I perceive of as a lack of getting things done.

So how does this relate to inspiration and turning points?
One of the things that occurred to me (whilst going through my lists)... is that part of the beauty of turning points,
is recognizing when they come.... but also... being ready to take action when they do.
If we are so busy muddling through.... it's hard to see those sparkly moments when they arrive...
and worse, we feel we have no ability to do something about it... because we are so busy with muddling.
If that makes any sense.

Therefor, one of my new intentions... is to free myself up from some of my (perceived and actual) obligations...
and allow myself the time to do things I want to do... and to afford myself the opportunity, when good things come knocking.

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them" -- Albert Einstein

((ah ferns. I love them... and they always inspire me.
 These photos were taken deep in the woods around Rock City Park last weekend))