Friday, October 16, 2015


So, last night I was reading my Farmer's Almanac... and came across some interesting statistics.
-You sleep roughly 1/3 of your life... on average, 26yrs.
-If you work a 40hr work-week; you'll spend roughly 10yrs "on the job."
-Most Americans, can commute up to a year's worth of time... in their lifetime... just traveling back and forth to work.
-We clean on average, 2hours a day... or the equivalent of 6yrs of your life.
-And if you spend between 2-3hrs a day watching TV... expect to lose 9rs of your life to your favorite shows.

wow.  The chapter went on to talk about how when we multi-task, we are essentially doing this whole stop-restart routine... that can make things worse. And people who multitask while on the computer, were actually stopping and starting to check their email, on average every
3-4 minutes, or even checking multiple sites (like Facebook) every 3-4 minutes.
No wonder we get so tired! We are over-loading our own systems.

But there were also some helpful hints:
* concentrate on the present
* live in the moment... take the time to remember things as they are occurring
* when you feel refreshed and energetic, you will use your time to greater effect. This means... eating healthy, getting exercise, and taking breaks when you need them.
* "urgent/needing immediate attention" and "important/meaningful" are not always the same thing. If it's important to you, do it first. Sometimes things people perceive as "urgent" aren't necessarily so, and you can get caught up in a trap of everything feeling like you have to do it now.

** and perhaps the most important thing that I have learned... take some time each day to touch the earth. Go barefoot. Smell the flowers. Look at the sky. Listen to the birds. Wonder at the flora and fauna around you. Get away from all the electronics and the noise... and the chaos... if only for a  few minutes a day. Your body will thank you.

See you all tomorrow for my weekend post.