Friday, October 23, 2015


These past few days I have been trying to finish up the last few projects I have that are sort of hanging over my head... so to speak. And I am almost there. I have ordered some supplies to finish up the last couple... and I can see (in my head) crossing most everything off my list.

I am fascinated with mushrooms and fungi. There is just something fanciful about them.
It's like they live in a magical world all their own.
The other day I was able to take a short walk; and discovered several different varieties of mushrooms and fungi here on the hill. These clumps of shrooms were growing on some downed logs; and seemed to be so happy ... just blossoming and flourishing in this damp, cooler environment.

There is a lot of symbolism in mushrooms.
According to some Asian traditions, mushrooms were thought to represent longevity, happiness and rebirth.  In others (like the Irish) mushrooms are thought to be rather magical... and representative of  the fae working in our everyday lives. Faerie rings were often considered a lucky find, and were meant to be respected and treasured.

Regardless, they certainly speak of growing and flourishing in what some may view as less than ideal environments... and being the best they can be.... which I think might be the best lesson of all.
See you all tomorrow for my weekend post.