Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of showing a couple friends around the studio (such as it is).
I fret over what I feel is my lack of getting things done... especially around the house and studio...  and yet, I know I've been doing a lot because I feel so busy all the time. And that's not really a complaint... I love doing things. I love being able to help folks when I can.
I love feeling like I am being of use to people... and contributing to the overall good.
But I also love my "down" time.

Today I am busy with my mom... another one of her ongoing procedures to help with her chronic pain issues. And I've got a list of things to do that I am longing complete... projects to finish up and such...  and then I am looking forward to just kicking back in my studio and working.
I think as artists, we are always looking forward to the next thing... and as women... we always feel like there is so much to be done before we "indulge" in a creative pursuit.
But it's so very necessary to forge on ahead. Carve out some time. Work on something you love.
Make a dream happen.

Today I encourage you to think about your dreams... and ways you can start spinning wheels to make it happen.
See you all tomorrow.