Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's been an interesting day up here on the hill... and I am trying hard to rest a bit from the chaos of the year...
which seems to have caught up with me a bit this week. And it's all good.
The birds are singing, the trees are beginning their transition to their fall colors, and we've had some visits today from some of the "critters".... like this little guy...

Frogs are major symbols in many cultures.
The Japanese word for frog is "kaeru", which is the same word for "return". This is why travelers carry a frog amulet as an intention of returning safely to one's home.
For the Celts, the frog was deemed lord over the earth... so they believed the frog represented curative and healing power.
For many though... the frog represents change and transition. Of coming in to one's own. Of defining your personal strengths...
and moving on... of coming into a sort of rebirth and growth.
And so it is.

So for today... I wish you all well. I wish you growth... I wish you safe transition into whatever you are becoming.
See you all tomorrow.