Friday, October 9, 2015


While it's hard to fathom how quickly this year has passed... fall is definitely here.
Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it.
The cooler weather, the smell of fires in the fireplaces (or leaves being burned), pumpkins, birds flying south, the gathering in of the crops, curling up with a quilt and a good book... the list goes on.
And of course, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday... so that certainly helps.

This is another busy weekend coming up. Lots of festivals and such going on in the area; and while I am not participating...
I hope to catch a couple of them and see what other folks are doing.

Last night I was reading through this year's Old Farmer's Almanac.
I buy one every year... a habit I got from my paternal grandmother. But I must admit... I don't always sit down and take the time to read them... I just like the idea of connecting with her and glancing at it from time to time. Last night, I took a few minutes, and just decided to read some of it. I discovered that if I want to cut my hair to discourage growth... I should do it now. That now (before the 14th) is the time to be finishing up old projects. That many folks believe that the astrological signs directly relate to parts of the body... for example: Taurus (me) is ruled by the throat. Meaning, we are good at verbal communication, and perhaps singing... but it is also a point of weakness. If we're going to get sick... we start off with a sore throat.
I was also curious to read that most folks (myself included) think of foliage season as one season... when in actuality... early cultures felt that there were at least 4 parts to the season; with things starting to turn fall toned as early as August (a time they called Scarlet Fever... with some swamp and roadside plants turning red).

Today... for just a few minutes... I am going to take time to really look at fall, and the changes that are evident even in my small yard.
See you all tomorrow for my weekend post.