Saturday, October 3, 2015

for the weekend

So, yesterday was quite busy and exhausting... which is to be expected.
And in spite of the distinct chill and wind, and horribly overcast skies... people came out... which is awesome. Today... if the weather cooperates, will prove even better.

But what to say here? Well, you can't go wrong with homemade shrimp tacos, fine arts and crafts, chainsaw carving, fantastic displays, tasty goodness from the local farm market. warm mulled cider delivered from your fav folks at the local restaurant... and of course, the world's cutest miniature donkey.

Today promises to be even more exciting, with the addition of visits from the Pittsburgh Parrot, canoe building, a fantastic vintage car show... and a hometown parade that, I am sure, many communities wish for.

See you all on Monday for my "foodie" post.... and more exciting changes to come next week.
(where I promise to include a post of links to make up for today's rushing about).