Saturday, October 10, 2015

for the weekend

Well, it's 4am... and I am up. I am up; because I tend to work better at night (must be all those years of working night shift)...
and because I just finished some work on a project that I felt I was behind on. So... that is awesome.
It's a clear night... and the stars feel very close tonight. But the moon... she is hiding in waning crescent mode... so I can't see her right now.

Yesterday was really busy... cleaning, blanching and freezing some gorgeous rainbow carrots and beets I had picked up at the Farm Market last weekend. And I cooked up the last of the edamame we had... the daughter made banana bread... I cleaned out the fridge... laundry... dishes... just alot of little tasks and tidying up that added up to (what seemed) like lots of work.
This weekend there are quite a few festivals and such going on in the area... and I really need to narrow it down to what I want to/ need to do... because I can't be everywhere. It always amazes me how so many things can be happening one weekend; and virtually nothing the next. Ah... such is life.

And I am sure you are busy too! But just in case you have a few minutes to play around on the internet, I've got some links to share with you:

*some interesting photos from the 70s
*over 100 years of Girl Scouts!
*you'll never look at seeds the same way again
* from Paris, 1939. This is awesome.
*explore PA
*here's a great story
*biologist turned photographer. This is a neat video.
*20 things about highly creative people
*eco-capsule. Is this what future housing will look like?
*would you eat an 800yr old squash?
*photos from NASA ... (and here)
*the man who lived to be 130

---I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and I will see you all back here on Monday for a brand new series of posts.