Friday, October 2, 2015


Well... it's after midnight... and I am just finishing packing the jeep for a show this weekend.
It's always a bit of a mad rush... finishing up things, packaging things... tagging things... cleaning containers, ironing tablecloths.... making sure signs and such are there....  the list goes on.
And it's all good.

I love shows...
I love the interaction with people. I love to see what they like, what they don't like... what they feel they have to take home with them...
What is popular... what perhaps, should go on clearance... that sort of thing.
And I love working with my daughter.... who has done shows with me since she was very little.

For me, the only real frustrating part of this whole process... is the worry that I should have done more... or done better... but that, I think is part of being an artist. Of continuing to learn, to grow, to develop your own individual style... to step away from the maddening crowd and be the unique artisan that you are. And so it goes...
See you all tomorrow.