Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hard to believe that December is here already...
I've been a jumble of nerves for a few weeks now... worried about this... frantic about that... not sleeping well... it's been a bugger.
This has been a hard year in many ways... and yet, wonderful in others. And now, December is here... and the year is winding down.

I've one show left for this year... and the next couple of days will be interesting to see what I will get done; what to take... what to show...
how to display, etc. It's an important event, and I want to show well and not let folks down who believe in my work.
But first... I need to calm down.

So. Today will be a day of checking out my inventory; and thinking about what to take... (see some of the things I plan on taking in the photo below)...Trying out some display pieces... gathering trays, and tablecloths, business cards and such. And then, I can figure out what I may be short on... or perhaps some new pieces to make and take.

Take care, and I'll see you all tomorrow.