Thursday, December 10, 2015


So yesterday, the daughter and I went to Benezette, PA for a PA Wilds meeting.
I won't get into the details, but the PA Wilds Artisan Trail is considering some new branding and marketing ideas, 
and they wanted some input from it's members.
It was awesome.
Plus, in a way, it forced me to get out of the house... and to go somewhere.

I haven't been feeling well for several months, and oftentimes, the tendency is to want to hermit myself here on the hill
 and hide from the world. And with all the politics and such in the news... 
I am sure you can understand the desire to run and hide from it all. 
But go out I did.

The photo for today's post was one I took as we were coming into the driveway of the Elk Country Visitor's Center. 
There was an amass of fog all the way down; and as we were driving up this road, the sun came out and tried to shine through. 
It was amazing.

And yes, we saw some elk as we were leaving...
The daughter got this photo from the passenger side of the jeep as they was grazing.
And even though it was dusky and we were driving... she was able to get a quick snapshot!
.(that's my girl).