Monday, December 21, 2015


Some times there just doesn't seem like there is enough coffee in the world... and days crawl by.
And there are others... where I wish the merry-go-round would stop long enough for me to get off.
Such is life... and often there is a whole "hurry up and wait" aspect to it that just drives me crazy.

These past few days have been rough... and yet ... in other ways.. they have been awesome.
Oftentimes, it's a matter of trying to focus on the absolute good.
And so for today's "Maker Monday" post, I will show you a couple things I've finished up this week.

Here is a necklace (and complimentary earrings) that was a custom order... finished just in time for a holiday party...
It showcases some gorgeous southwestern turquoise, Tibetan coral chunks, faceted coral from Hawaii, handmade Navajo beads from Albuquerque, and Australian Phrenite. The pendant, was a vintage piece, that has a stunning chunk of turquoise accompanied with gemstone Peridot.

And here is a custom rosary that I did for a customer. She was able to come up and pick out some of her favorite beads (larger dyed freshwater pearls and vintage Czech glass) and findings for the prayer set, and seemed really happy with the finished work.

Keep making folks!
And I will see you all back here tomorrow...