Monday, December 28, 2015


Today is "Maker Monday"... where I feature something I've made in the past week or so; and encourage the "maker" lifestyle.

It's been a very hard couple of weeks. It's also been a great couple of weeks.
I've had some good sales in my home-based business... and had some wonderful days with friends and family. But it's also been hard in many ways. I have some bad anxiety & depression issues... which usually come knocking around the holidays... and missing our son and granddaughter out west. And things have been bad for my hubby at work... the crux of which; is that he will now be looking for a new job. Which is sad, as he truly loved the work he was doing. If I was a fatalist... I would be a-feared that I was cursed... with all the weird things that have happened these past few years. But I am essentially an optimist... and believe things generally happen as they should... and that there is something to be learned from it all.

And so I've been busying myself with the making of "stuff."
I was making some envelopes last night from an old worn children's book called "The Magic Pot," written in 1977. In the story, an older couple has found themselves in dire straits. At the same time, a demon has turned himself into a cast iron pot (why, I don't know)... and the old man comes across it and brings it home. Each day, the pot "magically" goes out to a "greedy, rich man's" house and comes back to the poor couple's home with gifts... food, coins, etc. Eventually, the old couple have everything they need.... and the pot goes away... taking the "greedy, rich man"... with it.

Now, I don't think we have a magic pot... nor am I convinced that if I did... it could magically sort through my problems.
But it's a cute story... and I love the sketches.
And... it speaks to believing in the best.... and things working out.
Which is awesome.

See you all tomorrow.