Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today I am running to Benezette for a PA Wilds meeting... and I'm about to head out the door.

Today's photo is a blast from the past, left unedited until today.

We haven't started decorating much for the holidays yet... but it will come.
In the meantime, I was looking through my files for a sort of festive photo that spoke to the season.

As I was working on this, I was thinking of my mother-in-law; and how she absolutely loved Christmas. 
She had tons of decor for the season, and took great delight in setting all sorts of things up... little villages, carousels, yard ornaments... 
and never less than hundreds and hundreds of lights on her tree, around the windows... on the house.... well, you get the idea. 
I miss her, but more so around Christmas... and so today's post is meant to honor her memory.

See you all tomorrow.