Monday, January 11, 2016


It's my "Maker Monday" post!
This past week, I finished up my  yearly inventory for the Etsy shop.
It's always amazing to see what all is available, what all has sold... and look at trends and statistics.
I also was able to pick up items that I had at Firestone Forge (which is now on it's "winter hiatus"), and photograph them and get them listed in the shop as well. Lots of finishing up of loose ends... so to speak.  And... I got some business stuff straightened around... and have only 2 things left on my (work related) "To-Do" list.... which is awesome.

And so this weekend... I set about to do some studying.
I picked up 3 books from the local library related to business; and have (mostly) read them all.
The one that was particularly interesting, was one called "Your Own Shop" by Ruth Jacobson. While it is somewhat outdated (it was written in 1991) ... it still had some valid information. I skimmed through the sections on leasing/ buying a physical shop .... and it was not pertaining to me.
I was also able to pick up 3 books specifically on art/ jewelry business ideas when we were in State College last weekend... and I am really looking forward to digging into those.

So how does this relate to "maker Monday?".... sometimes being a maker involves the more business side of things. It would be great to spend all my time actually making things..... but then I would have a house full of stuff... and no income... and nowhere to sit down -LOL. Business, and selling... are all part of the beast. The beauty of it... is that being self employed... there are tons of ideas and strategies out there... it's just a matter of figuring out what will work for you.

--The photos for today's post showcase some fishing themed earrings I had at Firestone Forge, and have now listed in the Etsy shop.
Which ones lure you in? I kept the pair shown at the top.

See you all tomorrow.