Friday, January 15, 2016


.life can be hard.
Living paycheck to pay check... if you are lucky. So many folks out there are just struggling to have food to eat and shelter when they sleep. I was talking with my daughter the other night... and we were reflecting on all the major changes we've experienced these past 5yrs or so. It's been amazing when you really think on it. Life... death... legal battles... depression... abuse... drug use... divorce... loss of work... new work... moving... selling a home/ buying a home...bills/debt... serious illness... becoming caregivers... so many growth-making events in our families and immediate friends' lives. It can be heart-wrenching... but it can also be a positive thing.

So often, I think we are quick to berate ourselves for the woulda-coulda-shouldas.
We should have known.... we should have done this... you can always second guess the situation after the fact. We need to cut ourselves some slack. We need to understand that this is life. Sometimes things just happen... whether we planned for it or not... whether things we did caused the event or not... sometimes things just get thrown our way. Life is not fair. Good people have bad things happen to them. Not so nice people sometimes win.
I have to believe that there are lessons in there... and that there can be a positive "take-away" from even the worst case scenarios.
Even if it's to say... let's not do that again.

Anxiety and stress can wreck you. It can eat you up inside.
Sometimes you just have to let it all go...

See you all tomorrow.

((the photo for today's post is one I just finished. I took the base shot yesterday at twilight, and loved how the snow just dusted the trees in our yard. To it, I've added a couple texture layers... which are other photos I've taken layered on top. I also added some vintage Spirograph designs... just because it's fun))