Monday, January 18, 2016


Well, today is "maker monday"... but to be honest, I haven't made anything for the shop this week.
I have made several "artful" looking meals... and planted a couple plants in pots... organized and redecorated a bit around the house... after all, decorating your home is part of making your home beautiful.... and always important to the soul.
Of course, I have continued to take photos most every day... which I also consider making art...
including the photos for today's post. The bloom in the photos is off of a Christmas Cactus plant.
I had bought the "mother" plant from a church craft sale when I was in 3rd grade; paying 25cents for a tiny little snip of a plant in Styrofoam cup... and gifting it to my mom for Mother's Day.
Years later, that main plant has been divided and replanted a couple of times. When we first moved back here, my mom had a couple little snippets that had broken off in a jar by her sink... and so I planted them in a small pot once they established roots.
This year, it had gotten big enough to put in a somewhat larger pot... and this is the first bloom it's had. There are more looking to come... but this first one is certainly looking gorgeous.

And so it is with making... I believe.
Things make start out as small or little seeming changes... but after awhile... it can all add up to something beautiful.

Stay making my friends.
See you all tomorrow.