Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Up early... (for me)... and working, but I am exhausted.
It is one of those soul-wrenching/ need a week of sleep/ can't get warm kind of days.
I remember when my doctor told me that I most likely had fibromyalgia (along with the Lupus), I just didn't think it possible to have both. Today, I am not so sure. Not that I don't trust doctors, but it seemed overwhelming at the time, and I just sort of pushed it to the back of my mind.
Life has a way of doing that.
You get overwhelmed, and things just get put to the side...

One of the things that helps me feel better, is to try to stay organized.
This time of year, there are many folks who take time to organize their 'stuff'... and I am no exception. So I was looking for organizing "tricks" online. Some of them were simple:
-get rid of duplicates
-stop the clutter (hints like going through the mail as soon as you get it so it doesn't clutter your desk)
-weeding out your clothing every 6 months
-write things down/ keep a calendar

I also found these helpful sites, and thought I would share:
*feasible ways to organize your whole home
*brilliant ideas for organizing your home
*ways to organize your whole home in a month

Hope you all have a great day, and I'll see you all back here tomorrow.

((photos for today's post -top photo- one of my house plants. I recently trimmed/ watered/ nurtured all my house plants for the midwinter. 
And -bottom photo- one of the ways I organize some of my collections of little things, is to display them in jars.))