Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's amazing sometimes how things happen.

I was in the grocery store the other night, doing grocery shopping for a couple of people; so I had more than a few items in my cart. Staffing at the shop was minimal, due to some call ins... and the gal working the register didn't usually perform that job... so she felt like she was going slow (she wasn't. She was doing an awesome job). Anyway. So I let several people go in line ahead of me; as they only had a few items... and I didn't want them to get stuck behind me.
One of those folks, was a gentleman whom I had never met... who I struck up a conversation with. We parted, and he went on his way.
Today, that same guy showed up to buy an item of mine off of one of the yard sale pages online.

Gobsmacked at seeing me/ recognizing me... he told me this story: He had worked late, was tired, and hadn't eaten. He was rushing about to get something to fix quickly at home for dinner. Because I let him in line ahead of me... he had a few extra minutes to spare; and decided to spend a few dollars in change that he had on a lottery ticket. That ticket won him the money he had spent on the ticket... plus a free ticket.
That free ticket,  in turn won him the exact amount of money he was using to buy my item that I had for sale. Go figure... and how cool is that?!

Hope you are having a day full of happy synchronicity... and I'll see you all tomorrow.