Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This photo was one I took the other day out of  our moving car... with the wind blowing up the snow in the fields, 
and creating a frame of ice on the window...  I think it is interesting, and I love the horse.

January is a time of new beginnings.
And life at our house shows no exception.
I think it's ironic, in some ways that we've come "full circle"... since moving here 2 yrs ago.
The daughter and I are both self employed... 
and the hubby is contemplating his next adventure in the wild and woolly work force.

On our trip the other day,  I purchased a few books... all of which relate to my art business,
and I was also able to find a large sized Moleskine; which for several years now; has been my ledger of choice for my business. 
So... for the next couple of days, I will be re-organizing and cross checking my inventory, and lodging everything in my book. 
I've also gathered up my inventory from my friend's shop; Firestone Forge 
(as they will be closed, except by appointment, during the winter months)--
and will be listing those items in my Etsy shop.

Now is also the time of taking stock:
Performing an inventory check is so very vital... in several ways.
Obviously, to make sure of what you actually have available...
but also, to see what has sold... what was popular? What were the more "hot ticket" items?
What was really fun to make, and worth making more of?
What new things am I looking to make... what lines of work am I wanting to expand...

And then... to see what supplies I have on hand, packaging materials, promotional materials... and more.
What do I need to order more of? ...well... you get the idea.

See you all tomorrow.