Friday, January 8, 2016


I love to travel... and I am hoping that this year brings some opportunities to do so.

I had intended to do some work in my Etsy shop today... so I went about taking photos of some earrings. Then, I went to the Etsy site online, and was going to start listing some things... but the site is not working. So... I went to edit the photos I took, in preparation for perhaps listing them later, and somehow, the files were deleted.  And now, with icy-rain weather on the way... it it too dusky to take more photos.  Sometimes the best laid plans... are.... well.... not.

And so. I was thinking about the light here, which brought me to pondering about light I've seen on my travels... and I found these photos in my files of a trip I took out to California 4yrs ago. The light that day, like today... was decidedly blue... but with a crispness and clearness, that I suspect... had a lot to do with being near the ocean. And so... I decided to edit a few of those photos and share them with you today.
Are you feeling the blue? Are you feeling the "bug" to travel? Is the light creeping in on you and brightening your day? I hope so...

See you all tomorrow.