Monday, February 1, 2016


so... this weekend I made cookies.

Let me preface this, with the knowledge that I am not a baker. I love to make pies and banana bread... and the such. But for the last decade probably, when I  have made cookies... I have made either bar cookies or drop cookies. I guess I am lazy... but truth be told, and as evidenced by this weekend... frosted, cut-out cookies are not my forte.

But I did learn a few things...

-find a good recipe, or buy a pre-made mix. Life doesn't have to be complicated.
-find a cute cookie cutter... make things fun.
-always chill your dough in between batches. Your dough gets warm, and then you end up with flat, non-identifiable shaped cookies.
-there are a billion recipes for frosting. A friend told me to try small amounts of evaporated milk with powered sugar. It worked perfectly.
-if perfection is your goal... try to use piping frosting all around the inner edges of your cookies, and then fill in that design with your frosting. Mine looked like a 6yr old did them.
-never trust the timing on recipes. Check your cookies. Check them often.
-there will always be a few that are "messed up." Consider this a prime time to sample the recipe and see how good they taste.
Share with a friend.

And finally, cut yourself some slack. I was way too nervous about doing a good job, as the cookies were going to someone else.
But... in the end... they tasted really good... and after all, that's what really matters.
See you all tomorrow...