Monday, February 15, 2016


It's "maker Monday"... here on the blog.
As you know, I've been working on clearing out extra stuff out of the house. It's a wonderful thing.. but it can also be quite difficult. As an artist, one of the "gifts" is that don't always look at things the way other people do. Take for instance, the ordinary (empty and clean) soup can. Some see trash, some see recycling, some see... gee, if I cut this out into shapes, and sand the bits.... I will have some pretty cool pieces for a mobile... or jewelry... or to embellish a journal... and the list goes on. It's not so simple now to simply discard things; even if they are going to the recycling bin.

One of the things I've done for several winters now; is to go through my yarn basket.
Over the course of the year, I will gather up bits of yarn from yard sales, or thrift shops... or as gifts from other people cleaning out their stash... and I will see what goes together... what I want to work with... and I will make some scarves or dishcloths or whatever, over the winter months. This year, winter really didn't come... so I got behind on this particular task. So this weekend... I went through all the yarn and made some groupings to sell, a few groupings to re-gift, a small bag of bits to use for packaging up things, and I set some aside in my yarn basket for future use. I even wound up a sizable ball of shorter bits to make a truly "remnant" type of scarf.

I also found that I had a couple very small remnants of cotton yarn... so I made some washcloths.
They are not awesome, and certainly not horribly noteworthy... but they do come in handy (see the photo below).
Plus... it's a great use for smaller bits.... so the "recycler" and the "artist" within... are quite content.

Keep creating folks! See you all tomorrow.