Monday, February 22, 2016


Monday's can be difficult... sometimes bursting with the harsh reality of coming off a (hopefully) relaxing weekend. And there is always the beginning of the week rush of stuff to do... check the mail, do the computer stuff, wash dishes, do the vacuuming and dusting, sweeping of floors, stripping of the beds/ laundry, checking in with mom... or at least, for me... that is the routine. Today was no exception. This morning, I had a problem with anxiety (again) that was disrupting to my sleep... which is always frustrating, to say the least... and frankly, was throwing me off.
But alas...

Searching the news... I found that there was good news to be happy about... a beloved (for many folks) former resident coming home... spring in the air... blue skies above... So I opened all the doors and aired things out a bit, lit some incense and brewed some coffee.

But what to do for my "maker Monday" post...
I've been so wrapped up in the stress of job situations... family problems... cleaning out the studio... selling things we don't need... that I haven't been making the time to create things as much as I used too. In fact, it's been almost a full week since I even attempted to sit down and make something. Which is part of the problem. For me, at least, I find that if I go for more than a day or two without taking time to work on a project, make something, be creative... I get weird. I get cranky... I can't sleep well... my whole disposition can change.  Yes, I have been endlessly busy.... and yes, I have been productive in lots of things.... but honoring my creative muse hasn't been one of them.
Realizing this (and yes, feeling a little guilty about it all)... I went to the studio to sit for a bit. I promised I wouldn't leave until I had made something... and yes, I feel better for it.

Inspired by some "spring like" color combinations... I made a pair of earrings that feature brilliant Russian Chrome Diopside beads in a beautiful green; and accented them with some freshwater pearls. Reading more about Chrome Diopside, I discovered that (metaphysically) these stones are thought to help one heal the heart... to shed the tears you need to shed in order to heal. To allow oneself to love yourself, and to share that love with others around you. It is also thought to help boost creativity... and promote visualization and dreaming.
wow. How perfect is that?!

See you all tomorrow.